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Mayor of San Pedro Huamelula Victor Aguilar took a crocodile to be his wife in the southern region of Oaxaca on Friday, as part of an indigenous tradition intended to bring good fortune to local.

Five Mexican states have been issued with new travel advisories by the State Department that puts them on a footing with war-torn Yemen and Syria. US citizens are being told not to travel to Colima,

said. Several airlines in the United States have opted to speak out following President Trump’s crackdown on immigrants crossing the Mexican border. American, Southwest, United and Frontier Airlines.

Here’s a guide on what not to buy, plus a few suggestions on how to make her smile. Here is one big, fat caveat. This guide is not one-size-fits-all. It certainly doesn’t apply to all women and.

Kleberg County Sheriff Richard Kirkpatrick said authorities worked with Mexican authorities to locate the pair. Scroll down for video The bodies were found last week in a shallow grave on Padre Island.

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We’ve got a baked goods tub, fruits and nuts, pastas at the back, rices, Mexican, cereals with the spares at the back. We’ve got this [turntable] for our spreads,’ she said. ‘We’ve got a whole basket.

Research suggests one of the reasons Hispanic food has been embraced is that it is considered more healthy. ‘When it comes to health, the Mexican cuisines cater better to that with salsas and.

However, Brando and Castaneda later had a second child together in 1966. Scroll down for video The Mexican-American actress came to prominence after appearing in the 1935 classic ‘Mutiny on the Bounty.

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The man once thought to have the world’s biggest penis has branded the Mexican thought to have overtaken him as. But Robert Esquivel Carbrera, 54, who cannot have sex because of the size of his.

Here’s a guide on what not to buy, plus a few suggestions on how to make her smile. Here is one big, fat caveat. This guide is not one-size-fits-all. It certainly doesn’t apply to all women and.

Also bridled with surmounting debt, Cage’s character is pushed to appear at the birthday party of a Mexican billionaire who is also a fan of his work and wants to share a script he wrote with him.

BFD has eight big trucks and three or four reserves, plus a heavy ladder rescue truck, a couple of airport crash vehicles, haz-mat truck and trailer, brush trucks and dozens of other specialized.

A restaurant customer in the Mexican border town of Tijuana was left horrified after witnessing staff butchering a dog to be served up as a pork dish on the menu. The authorities have closed a total.

On the O’Reilly Factor Tuesday night Trump said that he did not hate Mexican people. ‘I love Mexican people. I also love Mexico,’ he said. However, he said he disagreed with US leader’s policies.

Zara donned a pair of white cotton shorts, an oversized khaki t-shirt and flip-flops as she was seen withdrawing cash before sitting down to eat at trendy eatery Fonda Mexican. The keen equestrian.

An Australian home cook has revealed how she created a ‘Mexican’ themed grazing table as a quick and easy way to make dinners more interesting. Snaps of the feast were recently posted to Facebook by a.

A Mexican-American woman and fervent Trump supporter was caught on camera chasing down undocumented migrants to try and stop them crossing the border into the US. Paloma Zúñiga was even seen shoving a.

A Mexican illegal immigrant has been accused of raping a seven-year-old girl and giving her genital herpes. Huber Morales, 24, was charged with five felony sex crimes, including child molesting, on.

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